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AMC Home Inspections - Pre-Inspection Agreement

Special Comments:   Please read, sign and return this Pre-Inspection Agreement prior to the date of the scheduled inspection. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Pre-Inspection Agreement, Payment for Services or the Home Inspection Process, please contact Rob Rice @ (859) 963-5467. Any and all persons having a legal interest in the ownership of this subject property must read, agree and sign the enclosed Pre-Inspection Agreement.  


Special Notes:

  • The inspection cannot begin without acknowledgement of receiving and agreeing to the Pre-Inspection Agreement.

  • You may deliver the Pre-Inspection Agreement to the inspector at the time of inspection as long as you notify us regarding you intentions.

  • All payments for services rendered are due at the end of the inspection and prior to the release of any written reports.

  • It is recommended that you arrive at the beginning of the inspection and stay with the inspector during the entire inspection process. No matter what anyone else tells you, your participation in the inspection is extremely important in understanding your inspection, your inspection report and the need for any major repairs. 


I look forward to meeting you and performing your inspection in a professional and timely manner.


Thanks for your trust and confidence,

   Rob Rice, Owner 



The information contained within the transmission is CONFIDENTIAL and is intended only for the use of the parties named above and others who have been authorized to receive it. If you have received this transmission in error, please notify the sender immediately and properly discard these documents. Your cooperation is appreciated. 


AMC Home Inspections   Pre-Inspection Agreement 

Any and all persons having a legal interest in the ownership of this subject property must read, agree and sign this Pre-Inspection Agreement. 

Scope of the Inspection

AMC Home Inspections, (AMC) will perform an inspection of the readily accessible and visible areas of the items listed below as they pertain to basic structural integrity, mechanical integrity and/or elements of safety relative to the subject property. Cosmetic flaws and defects will not be part of this AMC inspection and inspection report.



















A sample of AMC’s Inspection Report may be reviewed prior to executing this agreement, upon request.

It is the intent of AMC to identify visible conditions at the time of the inspection, that, in the opinion, judgment and experience of the inspector, adversely affect the function and/or integrity of the items, components and systems inspected. The inspection does not include any buried or concealed items. AMC inspections meet or exceed state and national standards of practice as set by the Kentucky Real Estate Inspection Association (KREIA) and the Inter-National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (Inter-NACHI). Copies of these Standards of Practice are available upon request or can be viewed at ( In the interest of economy and cost effectiveness for the client, AMC inspections are not intended to be technically exhaustive and therefore exclude items, components and systems which, by their nature or location are concealed, camouflaged, buried or otherwise difficult to inspect.

Your presence and participation during the inspection is strongly recommended and is critical to your understanding the complete inspection and inspection report.

Mechanical systems are tested using normal operating controls to determine function. Only readily accessible panels are removed to visually inspect the equipment. Heat Exchanger of gas and/or oil furnaces cannot be fully inspected and its condition completely determined without being disassembled. AMC does not disassemble any equipment pursuant to the inspection. AMC does not perform carbon monoxide testing during the inspection because AMC feels that this test cannot be fully and completely performed in less than 48 hours.

Air Conditioners and/or the cooling cycle of Heat Pumps will not be operated if the outside air temperature is below 60 degrees F at the time of the inspection.

AMC inspects roofs by walking on the roof except when walking on the roof may damage the roof covering material or when walking on the roof puts the inspector in an unsafe situation. The method of roof inspection, based on damage and/or the inspector’s safety, will be decided by the inspector, after arriving at the subject property, and is the sole and binding decision of the inspector.

Limitations of the Inspection


(a)    The inspection and inspection report are not intended to reflect the value of the property, nor make any representation as to the advisability of purchase.

(b)   The inspection does not evaluate air quality, water quality or hazards, private water sources, alternate energy sources, septic systems, or wells.

(c)    The inspection is not a compliance inspection for governmental codes or regulations.

(d)   The inspection does not address the possible presence of or danger from any potentially harmful or hazardous substance or environmental hazards including but not limited to radon gas, lead based paint, asbestos, urea formaldehyde, or toxic or flammable chemicals. This is not a Phase One Audit or Environmental Risk Screening.

(e)    The presence of or damage caused by termites or any other wood damaging insects or organisms is not a part of this inspection, AMC does not inspect for the presence of rodents and/or other pests or animals.

(f)    AMC does not inspect swimming pools, fences, outbuildings, portable appliances, intercoms, television, cable and telephone systems, vacuum systems, security and fire alarm systems, water softeners, humidifiers, sprinkler systems or recreational and leisure equipment.

(g)    Cosmetic defects are not generally included in the inspection and inspection report.

(h)   AMC does not move appliances, furniture, heavy or personal items during the inspection.

(i)     AMC does not inspect for the accuracy of utility meters, timers, gauges or thermostats on any appliance or equipment, nor does AMC inspect self-cleaning ovens.

(j)     AMC will not light or activate any system, appliance or any other item which is shut down upon arrival, including but not limited to heating, cooling, hot water, electrical and other mechanical systems.

(k)   AMC has no obligation to obtain any information relevant to the subject property from the seller, resident, real estate agents, equipment manufacturers or any other persons, legal businesses or parties. This inspection is not a substitute for a SELLER’S DISCLOSURE STATEMENT, which may be required by Kentucky law.



AMC will, upon request and for an additional fee, inspect specific items, components and systems not included in this legally binding Pre-Inspection Agreement. If you wish to authorize AMC to perform any of the additional inspection services listed below, please contact the office of AMC and initial to the right of the desired inspection service you want to have performed. You should contact AMC for the cost of any service you want to add to this contract.


Limits of Liability



AMC is not an insurer of any inspected conditions. The inspection and inspection report are not intended, nor should they be considered as a guarantee or warranty, expressed or implied, regarding the condition and performance of the property or the inspected items, components and systems contained therein, and the inspection report should not be relied upon as such.

Home Buyers Warranties are available to the client through warranty companies. AMC recommends that the client obtain copies of such warranty programs for review and consideration. If the client desires more information regarding Home Buyers Warranties it is the client’s responsibility to obtain such information.

The client agrees that AMC shall not be liable for the costs of repairing or replacing any unreported defects or deficiencies or for any property damage, consequential damage or bodily injury of any nature. Client assumes the risk of all losses. 



Any dispute concerning the interpretation of this Pre-Inspection Agreement or arising from services and information provided, except for fee payment, shall be resolved in good faith by first attending mediation at the Lexington Mediation Center. If all parties cannot agree on a mutually satisfactory resolution, then all parties agree to settle any remaining disputes by binding arbitration conducted in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association, except that the parties shall select an arbitrator with extensive knowledge of the property inspection industry and who also has in-depth knowledge of the American Society of Home Inspector’s Standards of Practice. Property and equipment in dispute must be made accessible for re-inspection during the settlement process. All parties agree to be bound by the arbitrator’s final ruling. Any costs and fees related to any dispute arising from the interpretation of this agreement or arising from any services and/or information provided, including fee payment, shall be recoverable by the prevailing party. Such costs and fees include, but are not limited to, arbitration, discovery, consultants, expert witnesses and attorneys.

Important Notice to Our Clients

Chapter 411 of the Kentucky revised statutes contains important requirements you must follow before you may file a lawsuit for defective construction against the home inspector of your residence. You must deliver to your home inspector a written notice of any conditions you allege that your home inspector failed to include in the home inspection report and provide your home inspector the opportunity to make an offer to repair or pay for the defects. You are not obligated to accept any offer made by the home inspector. There are strict deadlines and procedures under state law, and failure to follow them may affect your ability to file a lawsuit.

Inspection Report Use

The inspection and inspection report is intended only for the benefit of the client(s) who signs this agreement and is not intended for use by any third party. AMC refuses responsibility and liability for any use of the inspection report by any third party. AMC is bound by client confidentiality; therefore, AMC will not discuss the findings of the inspection with any third party unless specifically authorized to do so by the client. The client can authorize AMC to discuss the findings of the inspection with any of the following third parties by initialing below.

Inspection Cancellations


Any inspection may be cancelled by the client if done so at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time. If the client fails to cancel the scheduled inspection at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time, client agrees to pay AMC a non-cancellation fee equal to fifty percent (50%) of the cost of the scheduled inspection.Severability If any portion of this agreement is deemed to be unenforceable, the remainder of the agreement shall remain in full force and effect. Precautions(a)   The client is advised to obtain and review any Seller’s Defect Disclosure Statement prior to finalizing the purchase of this property.(b)  The client is advised to have all private wells and city water with lead water service piping tested prior to finalizing the purchase of this property.(c)   The client is advised to install at least one Carbon Monoxide Detector per living level.(d)  The client is advised to walk through the residence immediately before finalizing the purchase of this property to verify that the condition of the property has not changed substantially since this inspection or that items specified for repair have been satisfactorily repaired.Fees and PaymentsAll fees are due immediately upon completion of the inspection and prior to the delivery of the inspection report. Past due accounts will incur a late charge of 1.5% per month starting on the day following the completion of the inspection report. A fee of $50.00 will be charged for each returned check. Disclosure CLIENT ACKNOWLEDGES THAT THIS IS A LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT AND STATES THAT HE, SHE OR THEY HAS CAREFULLY READ THE ENTIRE AGREEMENT AND FULLY UNDERSTANDS ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS THEREIN AND HAS FREELY EXECUTED THIS AGREEMENT WITHOUT ANY PRESSURE FROM ANY OTHER PERSON TO DO SO, AND WITHOUT ANY UNDUE TIME CONSTRAINTS. CLIENT AGREES TO BE BOUND BY ALL TERMS AND PROVISIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT, AND CONFIRMS THAT THERE ARE NO OTHER WRITTEN OR VERBAL AGREEMENTS BETWEEN THE CLIENT AND AMC. 


I understand the fee for the inspection of the subject property is $ including the cost of any additional services the client has authorized AMC to perform. The client agrees to pay the inspection fee prior to or immediately upon completion of the inspection and prior to the delivery of the inspection report. All parties having an ownership interest in this property, have read, understand and accept the preceding conditions. I/we am/are authorized to enter into this Pre-Inspection Agreement with AMC and fully and completely under the terms and conditions of this agreement. Any and all parties who will have an ownership interest in this property have been revealed to AMC Home Inspections.

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